The Robr Thet Peed Owt Fir [sic]

I drew these with my friend in school when I was about 5 years old. I bet the teacher had a chat with my parents regarding these.

The first ("The Robber That Peed Out Fire") is my favorite: it appears there's a robber peeing fire uncontrollably into Satan's mouth, with the overflow fire-pee spilling out onto an unfortunate bystander who is simultaneously being electrocuted by Satan's pitchfork. Police officers arrive on the scene, witnessing the event and narrowly avoiding stray bursts of deadly flames and electricity. Oh, and I guess the robber is naked, and his clothing is scattered all over the road next to him.

And I've included some bonus pictures featuring: cops peeing on a bunch of presumably bloody people (or maybe they're on fire?); a guy standing in the road peeing on a chair as an inexplicable river of blood flows beneath him.

These are pretty much the kinkiest things I've ever drawn.